Sunday, October 1

Flea Market Birds??

You may or may not know, but I am getting out of the bird breeding game... since becoming a manager at the pet store and my online store becoming successful, I just don't have the time to devote to the little babies anymore without my own pets losing out. So, I'm selling off all non-pets.

Among other birds, I'm trying to sell a few of the more rare kinds... specifically, a very expensive, very rare cockatiel (I nearly had to have one shipped from Hawaii, they are so hard to find!!), and a pair of fischer's lovebirds, one lutino, one split to lutino. It is almost impossible to find anything even SPLIT to lutino around Ohio. I know, I've looked. I had both of these birds flown in from a special breeding facility in California who is well known in the serious breeder community to raise *the* *best* *lovebirds.* I had each flown in at different times. Between vet checks, shipping, etc, I have about $600 invested into this pair of birds. I'm asking $225 with their cage, toys, and nestbox. (a normal fischer's runs about $75, split $100, lutino $125-150, whereas you can get a peachfaced lovebird for about $40).

Sounds reasonable, right? Problem is, a lot of idiots raise lovebirds. These kinds of people are found in every type of pet - dog, cat, reptile... the ones that are just breeding to breed, to make money, and the animals may or may not be kept in great conditions, are probably overbred, and live short, miserable lives. Kind of like people that sell animals at flea markets. That's disgusting. You'll burn in hell (should such a place exist).

These cheapo type people think that good quality birds are overpriced. All lovebirds should be $50 or less. Indeed, you can find a pair of lovebirds for probably $80. However, my birds are fischer's lovebirds, not peachfaced, which are not as common. These are a particular mutation that is hard to come by in this area. These are from the best breeders in the United States.

I am TIRED of reading e-mails from interested parties that want me to cut my "unreasonable" price down. If you can find anybody selling what I'm offering for less, TAKE IT with my blessing!! You won't. I know of one other breeder in Ohio that raises fischer's, and they have only split lutinos, not full. In asking a reasonable price for my animals, I am ensuring they go to a loving home with people who are getting what they pay for, probably know what they are doing, and most definitely do not sell them at flea markets. One person today wanted me to breed my birds for her to buy the babies out of the nest. GROSS! That's just terrible to do that to the babies. When I raise an animal, I love it start to finish. I am responsible for that soul and I want to entrust it to somebody who feels the same. Shame on you people for wanting me to lower myself and treat these animals like meat.

If you want crappy birds that are unhealthy and genetically weak, then go buy somewhere else. I have standards.

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hi. if your lovebirds are still available i am willing to pay the asking price. thanks.

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