Tuesday, January 1

New year, new stuff!

I hope everybody had a great holiday season! We added a bunch new designs and many new dog breeds, like the finnish lapphund, catahoula leopard dog, carolina dog (american dingo), estrela mountain dog, and a couple others. We also have a new cartoon dog design that you can find an example of in the catahoula breed section. It's absolutely adorable, if I do say so myself.

We also opened a new store just for bird lovers, Feathered Frenzy! It's got even more designs and more species than our Menagerie Mayhem store.

Our corgi is taking flyball lessons right now at Dogwood Agility. It's a blast! We weren't really wanting to do agility, and he is absolutely obsessed with tennis balls so we figured it was a good alternative. Unfortunately, hardly anyone in Columbus does flyball unless you take hundreds of dollars of THEIR obedience classes! Merlin is already fairly obedient so I don't see the need in wasting my time and money doing that. He is enjoying flyball (though he was really scared at first, being a timid dog) and next session we're going to take Popper too! It's a great way to exercise your dog and bond even closer, and I highly recommend it. Yes, you can probably expect some new designs for flyball! I want to post some photos of merlin doing flyball, but I have to ask the instructor if we are allowed to take pictures first.