Thursday, November 30

The answer to the age-old question....

.... do birds burp?

Yes, they do. And it smells like rancid seed.

Monday, November 20

OSU Stomps Michigan

Ok, really, it was a very close game. OSU gets kinda weird sometimes when it plays Michigan, the whole psychological thing and all.... But Tressel was hired for one thing and one thing only - BEAT MICHIGAN!!

I took the day off work because 1) I'm an alumni and I shouldn't have to ever miss a televised game 2) uhh it's MICHIGAN 3) no way was I driving to work on campus during a home Michigan game 4) it's MICHIGAN.

Personally, I think all the stores around campus should close the day of the Michigan game. Really, they aren't even justifying staying open with the piddly amount of business they do. Hopefully I'll never work a Michigan game again... think it's too early to put in for a personal day for next year?