Friday, June 6

Schutzhund suitability

So I was searching for the correct way to spell Schutzhund for a new design I'm creating - and I found quite possibly the best schutzhund page ever!

Directly from their FAQ:

Q. My dog has bitten several people and I think he'd make a great Schutzhund dog.
A. The polite answer is that it depends a lot on the circumstances that induced him to bite. The direct answer is that your dog almost certainly has temperament flaws that make the dog totally unsuitable for Schutzhund. The rude answer is that if your dog bites people and you LIKE that, then YOU have temperament flaws that make YOU unsuitable for Schutzhund.

hahaha it's so rare anymore to hear people tell it like it is. :) If you're interested in the sport of Schutzhund, I suggest you check out Big Sky Schutzhund Club, which is where I found that amusing tidbit.

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