Saturday, June 28

New corals!

I just got back from Phishy Business, where I got two new corals - a Hammer and Frogspawn coral. They're just so cool... it seems to me that the coolest corals are always labeled as "beginner," which makes me feel a bit stupid every time I buy one, but oh well. The salesguy was reasonably impressed when I described my black and orange sun coral tank so that made me feel a bit better. I'll have pics tomorrow, I hope... the lights are off to give everyone a chance to adjust, although the frogspawn already has its sweeper tentacles out looking for tidbits.

I also got a peppermint shrimp for that tank to take care of any little stray aiptasia. Still working on the darkness method in my 7 gallon nano, but I have the feeling I'll be back to injecting with kalkwasser here soon. Sigh!

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