Monday, August 31

New Sponge!

I went to Phishy Business on Saturday and picked up a new sponge - it's a Vase Sponge (also called a paddle sponge, mine looks more like a paddle, I guess). I figured that bright orange would look awesome in my tank, but it does seem to draw attention right at it LOL! I still need to find a permanent spot for it, it is too close to the top of the tank right now for me to do water changes. These guys can't be exposed to air or they'll die, so I need to get him somewhere lower, where he's not in range of my nastier corals, either.

If anyone is wondering what to get me as a gift for my birthday/Christmas/wedding, feel free to pick up a Phishy Business gift card. :D I have to buy my water from there anyway, I love going in, not spending any of my own money, and coming out with lots of stuff!

I also picked up this weird orange sand sifting snail, whom I have never actually seen down in the sand - he's always on the glass.

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