Tuesday, August 18

The Alarm Clock Fish

I've got a clown loach that's decided when he wants fed, it's time for me to get up.

I've had Krusty the Klown loach for roughly 7 years or so, and he's about 6" from nose to tail tip. He lives in a 30 gallon aquarium right beside the head of my bed, and I leave the light on all night long. I woke up this morning to him making this awful noise at the surface of the water, and then staring at me to see if I was up yet. He has never made this noise when I'm not lying in my bed. I'm fairly certain he has figured out that the first thing I do when I get up each morning is turn off the aquarium light and feed the fish.

It's extremely annoying (I don't like being woken up - and sometimes he does it at 3am!) and I strongly considered selling him, since he has long eaten all the little snails that once plagued my planted tank.

However, I've been leaving the light on during the day, and off at night, and that likewise seems to have solved the problem as he can't see me anymore in the pitch black.

Unfortunately, I no longer have a nightlight. :(

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