Monday, February 23

Near Saltwater Disaster

I did a very stupid thing the other day.

I had gotten a fresh batch of saltwater from the fish store, and had bubbled it (don't have an extra powerhead at the moment) and gotten the temperature where it needs to be, and I did water changes on both my nanos. I DIDN'T CHECK THE SPECIFIC GRAVITY!!! Oh Lordy, and when I did, my 7 gallon nano (which holds roughly 4 gallons of water, and I did a 1 gallon change) was 1.027!! My black sun coral was evidently in heaven, but my big orange sun coral (I have hundreds of orange sun polyps) was really, really angry. It's a coral that comes out fully and completely with just the slightest hint of food in the water. It was sullen and sulky. I have it back down to 1.025 where it should be, and this morning it already looks happier. I've got another water change tonight (and yes, I remembered to check the specific gravity) so hopefully it will feel a LOT better and show me all its gorgeous polyps again.

In other news, when I went to get more water from the fish store, I was informed they were all out and that they couldn't meet demand anymore - that they didn't even have enough for their own tanks. Either 1) they're lying or 2) they have the worst owner/manager in history. You NEVER deprive your own store of necessities like that, and you certainly don't abandon all attempts to keep up with demand. RO units aren't *that* expensive, particularly when they can get them wholesale. I was so angry I went to Aquarium Adventure, who costs a bit more but I can be pretty sure they'll never be out of pre-mixed saltwater because they're so big. Now I'm ticked because everyone gave me gift cards to the other place for Xmas so I could get water there, and I don't intend on getting water there anymore. Great.

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