Thursday, February 12

Huge Windstorm Last Night...

Not quite as bad as the last one, but I still woke up this morning to shingles all over the lawn. Looks like the SO will have to get back up there and fix the roof yet AGAIN!

We also lost power last night for 3.5 hours... After a couple hours, my saltwater tanks had lost 2 degrees each, I sent the SO over to his dad's for a generator. The bad thing about having corals and saltwater fish and such is that they can't tolerate being without power like a freshwater tank can. We got that sucker going and hooked up both my nano tanks (left the freshwater fish alone). By the time the power came back on, everyone was happy and well-circulated and back up to their normal temps (80 degrees). This morning everyone looks completely fine.

I always hate when we get high winds because I don't like sending the dogs outside to potty. Roofus is an idiot and I always fear he'll either get bonked in the head with a flying shingle or that he'll try to catch one. Either way, he spent most of the night chasing our flashlights around - yes, sometimes into walls. I said he wasn't too bright. Popper, the youngest, was scared and spent his time attached to my hip.

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