Friday, February 17

Tons new designs!!

I created many more designs today! Also, all the breeds (minus irish wolfhound and soft coated wheaten) have "is my furry kid!" bumper stickers now. :)

New designs:
Born to Run! Celebrating Greyhounds and their athleticism.
Race to the Foodbowl This is available in either brown or gray. It's a cute design I just thought up today for greyhounds. It reads, "The only thing my greyhound races to now is the foodbowl!"
Chow Chow A new fuzzy design! Of COURSE I couldn't forget the chow! They're one of the fluffiest breeds!
I added a new Miscellaneous section, including t-shirts that aren't breed specific. I'm going to try to get a lot of dog humor in there. :) There are a few new designs, "Some people have kids, I have dogs!" and a really cute "peace, love, pawprint" design.
Fat Dog Products! This is just hilarious! A big fat mutt dog has just sat on his human kids!

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