Monday, July 21

Update and PETA tactics

It's been a while since I blogged, and I apologize. While I was vacationing in Mexico late May, I became very ill, and it was only a week and a half ago I was finally diagnosed with a kidney stone that was blocking my ureter. It was extremely painful, and very frustrating to not be able to pin down a diagnosis. After my visit with the urologist, he scheduled an emergency surgery to remove the stone immediately. I am still in a bit of pain, mostly soreness, but I feel a thousand times better than I did pre-op and look forward to posting more in my blog!

I just dewormed all the dogs, they were eating a LOT more grass, and for some reason, dirt, than I was comfortable with, and Blossom has had a hacking cough for months now. She's also started actually wanted FED, if you can believe that. I think she might have switched from anorexia to bulemia. She's a weird dog. They're all dewormed now, and B isn't coughing as much and nobody's eating dirt. That makes me a lot happier. :)

Here's a bit from one of the dog forums I frequent, about the latest monstrosity committed by PETA. It's ludicrous what they'll go through to try to get their point across. Maybe if they weren't so much like terrorists, more people would try to work with them.

Bogus ad placed in Dog Fancy Magazine by Peta:

"Just bought a brand-new purebred puppy? Welcome him or her
into your home with a free gift bag! Call us today at 1-866-834-6061 to
claim your bag and hear about our products,"

Reads a new ad appearing in the July 7 issue of Dog Fancy magazine, which is on newsstands now. But when respondents call the number, they'll learn that the ad was placed by PETA and that the bag offered is really a body bag--for the unlucky dog in an animal shelter who is "sentenced to death" because the respondents bought a purebred pup from a breeder or a pet store.

Dog Fancy rsponse

Hello fellow dog lovers,

Lots of comments have been circulating on the Internet this week about the following ad that appeared in the August issue of DOG FANCY:

"ABC PUPPY PRODUCTS -- Just bought a brand-new puppy? Welcome him or her into your home with a free gift bag! Call us today at (xxx) xxx-xxxx to claim your bag and hear about our products."

This ad was placed by a private individual on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

DOG FANCY does not knowingly accept advertising from PETA and does not agree with its extremist views. Unfortunately, the organization resorted to guerilla tactics by placing an ad in DOG FANCY under a pseudonym to deceive readers with a free gift bag offer, opting to use shock tactics to try get its message heard.

DOG FANCY promotes responsible dog ownership, including the responsible breeding and sale of purebred dogs. This is the first time in many, many years that the organization has succeeded in slipping past our screening measures, and we accept responsibility for the failure to catch this ad before going to press. We apologize to all who have been offended by this offensive and misleading stunt, and will continue to refine the systems in place to prevent our readers and advertisers from being exposed to such distasteful hoaxes.

Susan Chaney, Editor