Monday, January 30

Welcome to my Blog!

This is the Menagerie Mayhem first blog post ever... this way I can keep everything up to date with waaaay too much information, without having to send those annoying newsletters that everybody at Cafepress raves about. I hate newsletters. I get tons of newsletters in my inbox every week, they go straight to the trash unless the first few sentences contain a way for me to save all kinds of money. But they rarely do. So I don't anticipate making a newsletter for my store. So if you were looking forward to something like that I'm sorry. I would rather be making designs. :)

Anyhoo, right now I'm working on categorizing the bird section by species. It takes a loooooong time, because I have to find every single product for that species and place it in that section. Also, some species are missing products and I have to create them before I move on to the next one. So it's slow going. However, I did get all 170+ dog breeds done in the dog section in only a few days. This site was meant to have mostly bird stuff so it is a little more parrot-intensive, and that takes longer. Look forward to really easy shop-by-bird-species navigation within the next week.

Also, be sure to check out the Valentine's Day designs. They are cute! If you want them on something other than greeting cards/postcards, be sure to e-mail me and I'll make them available, it's not a big deal if I know somebody wants it.

Oh, the anti-hybrid dog (aka anti "designer dog") section is up and running, feel free to take a look! This section is dedicated to those opposed to breeding mongrels just because somebody is too lazy to find the breed right for them. And don't kid yourself - I see plenty of doodle dogs in the pound, too. Whenever you breed two different (very different) breeds, you can't be sure of what temperament, coat, or anything else you're going to get. Could be one, the other, or a combo of both! And they do have purebred dogs in rescues and pounds, so go there first. Why spend $600+ if you can get the dog for $100 AND save a life? And please don't send me any "k9 snobbery" e-mails, if you own one of these so-called designer mutts, you need to look at that yourself. A pound dog wasn't good enough for you? Couldn't take the time to save a life, had to go help create more mutts?

Well that's all for now folks, I do have a day job and it's about time to hit the hay. So adios!