Friday, March 3

New Dog Scuba Diving Designs

I have recently started making dog scuba designs. Of COURSE I started with corgi... don't ask why. There's just something about those nubby little legs!! I love to scuba dive and I didn't see any reason why doggies shouldn't be able to do it too - on shirts, of course! So far I have the dalmatian and the corgi. Hopefully I'll get a beagle and sheepdog up soon, perhaps the border collie. How do I decide which breeds to do? Well, I usually start with the breeds I own, and then if one catches my fancy or if I sell a lot of a particular breed, I'll do that one next. These are some cute designs, I've got powder blue tangs (Dory from Finding Nemo), a boxfish, a red crab, some great looking coral... Check em out at

I also added a few new doggie tees! A "Property of Obedience School" shirt, "Obedience School Dropout," and "It's my party and i'll bark if i want to!" t-shirt. I'm always looking for cute or catchy sayings for these shirts so keep checking back for more. :)