Thursday, February 4

Playing Ball with Roofus

I went out to run the dogs a bit in my backyard. The best way, since it's a small yard, is to throw a ball. Popper and Merlin have great "drop its," but for some reason known only to Roofus, he has never been interested in dropping the ball, but instead mashes it into your stomach repeatedly and looks bewildered that you're not throwing it.

Needless to say, I try to keep Roofus from ever getting the ball. He chases it like everybody else, and doesn't get tired of it. But I get tired, especially if it's a bit muddy out, of not only the incessant bruising and drool in my midsection, but of the mud all over my clothes. If he can't drop it, he can't play.

My solution to this is to just give him his own ball. Before I start throwing the ball, I give Roofus a tennis ball. He then proceeds to chew on it while he chases Popper and Merlin around the yard, and because the other two have very quick drops, he never gets a chance to smash into my stomach. He still gets his exercise, he got to have a ball the whole time, and I'm mud, drool, and irritation free.

The only bad part is when we're done, and he finally drops the ball. It's so disgusting; it's covered in foamy drool, and it DRIPS! Just look at that picture!!

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