Monday, April 20

Shaved Roofus Yesterday....

It was a bit overdue, but I kept him shaggy as long as I could because I ADORE fluffy dogs... but yesterday I broke down and shaved him :( He was extremely happy, because anything above 65 degrees (assuming the dog is not doing anything like running) is just too hot for a full coated Old English Sheepdog. I always leave his ears full-length whether he is shaved or not, which gives him a rather odd appearance... I'm usually quite happy to get rid of his beard and part of his mustache, because they always smell like sewer, as he's always dunking his entire muzzle in the water bowl.

This is the first year I didn't shave him down to the skin, though, because I now work at home I had the time required to keep his coat extremely well-groomed and mat-free, so it wasn't a big deal to slip on a blade attachment and go at it that way. This year is the first year where I wasn't shaving his coat because I couldn't keep up with it. That makes me pretty happy. :) I will miss my fluffy roobear, but it will grow back this winter!

Also - this is the first year I did NOT shave him into a funny hairstyle before shaving him for real. ;)

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