Saturday, March 21

Another day, another dog...

I skipped yesterday for dog walks (I know, I feel horrible that I did) and only walked Roofus today since the other boys had a long "dog tricks" workshop this morning.

Yep - another dog. This time a yellow lab who delighted in zooming all over, often into the street. His owner was quite incompetent - she'd have him caught, and *somehow* he'd get away again.

Luckily I was watching for it so I slipped Roo's gentle leader on him right away before we got remotely close to the dog. I had been using only a regular harness because Roofus does seem to enjoy the walk much more and I don't worry about breaking his neck!

Come on, people, be responsible for your pets and keep 'em inside where they belong!

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moonduster said...

Our back garden is not enclosed, so we can't skip our dog's walks. It's the only time he has to relieve himself!