Friday, January 23

Obama's New Dog

It seems to me, if Obama wants to make a lot of folks happy and set a precedent with the new White House dog...

... well, he should adopt one of Michael Vick's pit bulls. Think about it - it's awesome on many levels. Number one, he would be showing that it is extremely important to adopt a dog.

Number two, he'd be showing that pit bulls can make good family pets.

Number three, it would make a statement about how what Michael Vick did was WRONG.

The only bad thing, I suppose, is that racists will have something to say about him getting a pit bull.

I firmly believe the WORST thing Obama can do is to buy a Labradoodle as the White House pet. That would be acknowledging that 1) it's okay to breed mutts 2) it's okay to pay $700+ for a mongrel when so many dogs are being executed in dog pounds.

A Portuguese Water Dog probably wouldn't be that bad, except then the breed would become much more popular - and we all know, from Disney films, that is the worst thing that can happen to a dog breed.

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