Sunday, November 23

Poor Blossom!

Poor b dog. :( She's gone through a little "rough patch," so to speak. First, she started scooting around. She really only does that when she's allergic to dog food. So I start thinking about what food I'll switch her to - when she gets a urinary tract infection. All over my brand spanking new carpet. Sigh. Well, thank goodness for pet stain and odor remover! I get her over the UTI, and she's still scooting. I switch her food. She gets WORSE. I'm at a loss - I went to California Natural, which has about three ingredients. I really, REALLY doubt she's allergic to lamb, but I suppose it could be rice... I contemplate the situation, decide to leave her on it longer to see if I'm just being impatient, and look at her anal glands to see if they need emptied. Now Blossom has a sore butt and we're not any closer to the answer - because they were empty. So I figure, maybe she has worms! I deworm her with safeguard. Butt scooting gets better. Hmmmm. She finishes her bag of California Natural and I put her back on what everyone else was eating. Butt scooting continues to improve, until yesterday, when she scooted no more.

I still don't know why she was scooting. I'm going to have to assume she did actually have worms, somehow. There aren't many reasons a dog would scoot across the floor (I did eliminate fleas from the equation early on), and I addressed them all. I didn't feel it warranted a vet visit because nearly all of the possible issues can be resolved at home (depending how comfortable you are expressing anal glands, what worms they are, etc). So she's back to her normal whining self now. Oh joy!

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