Tuesday, October 7

Popper's Weaves - Video

Well, everyone who wants an update on how Popper's weaving is coming along, here's a video!

He does REALLY well when I'm on the opposite side of him... not so great when we're on the same side. :( So we're going to go back and start working with just three poles for that side, then add a pole at a time until he's simply amazing. :) Popper's awesome that way.

See? You CAN teach weave poles at home by yourself! It did help though that I take agility classes so I could ask the instructors for help if I needed it. :) We start actually learning the weave poles in class at the end of October. Hopefully I've given Popper enough of a head start!

Next up, teaching the teeter totter! First, though, I have to find out how to paint it. :)

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