Thursday, August 28

So I've been really busy...

Busy designing new stuff, that is! I FINALLY, almost four years later, got the hang of drawing cartoons. So I've been drawing away! I'm trying to do a lot of breed specific stuff, which can be kinda tough, because a lot of breeds look so similar anyway. Add in the genericness of a cartoon, and poof, it COULD be that dog... or it could be another... Anyhow, I've been giving it my best shot. *I* like them, and I suppose that's what matters, right? Merlin our Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the subject of a good many designs... he's so freaking cute, I just can't help it!

I was having some little flashbacks the other day, about working in a pet store. Boy, if you love animals, I don't recommend working in a pet store! At least not a big chain. A smaller one is usually okay (I've done that too). I was reminded of some experiences I had, mostly because I am a huge bird lover. And, of course, I had to make some funny drawings about it. I think that a lot of it is stuff most people don't think about - until they've worked in a pet store.

The dogs are really itchy lately. I've tried, REALLY TRIED to do holistic flea control this year. I honestly think that if we hadn't had such a warm winter that it would have worked. As it is, it's only this month, really, that the dogs have started itching. I can't find a single flea anywhere, though, and nothing's biting me. Even after flea baths, I find nothing. So I'm not convinced it IS fleas, because I've never NOT seen a flea. I've had the humidifier on because that solves a lot of problems (and is GREAT for birds!) but it's not solving this one. Roofus did have some flea dirt on him at his last bath. But again - where are the stupid fleas??? I'm going to buy a couple single doses of Advantix or Frontline Plus and hopefully it's the only time I'll have to use it this year. I am not fond at all of putting powerful chemical pesticides on my pets. Especially when they have warnings all over the box that I have to wash my hands, not touch my pets for a while, etc. Scary!!

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