Sunday, May 18

People who shouldn't own pets

It has long been said that owning a bird is not like owning any other type of animal. Because of their sensitive and highly advanced respiratory system, they are extremely susceptible to all kinds of breathing problems, and you shouldn't burn candles, have oil warmers, or any other kind of fragrance enhancer in your home. They need a very special diet, because the majority of these birds eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and certain grains in the wild, which are NOT recreated in any pelleted food or seed mix. ANY. The closest I've found is bird-e-licious, which costs an arm and a leg.
What really gets me is when I log onto a bird forum, and all these owners who are supposed to know better, post that their bird drinks tea or plays with the dog. Number one here, tea can kill a bird pretty easily. That's a LOT of caffeine for a little tiny animal. Birds do perfectly fine with water. Filtered water is best. That's all they need. Maybe some 100% fruit juice if you want to add variety. But that's IT! Number two, playing with the dog is extremely dangerous... you can say all you want your dog would never hurt a fly. That's fascinating and all, until you remember dogs are carnivores, and even if his prey drive isn't particularly high (most dogs WILL go after a flapping bird), he could still step on the bird or bat at it playfully, causing serious injury. It's just STUPID to allow your dog to interact with your bird at all.
Am I saying that you're a horrible owner that shouldn't have a bird if you let it drink tea and play with the dog? That's precisely what I'm saying.

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