Wednesday, February 6

Moving Corals Around

Aside from being harassed by five stir-crazy dogs all day (it's been POURING rain for several days now), I moved a lot of my photosynthetic corals from my seven gallon nano to my ten gallon nano. I recently got an awesome Current USA Orbit fixture with lunar lights that blows away my piddly lighting on the bowfront. I left the pulsing xenia in the seven for now; I want to see how the other corals react to a 4x more wattage light. Normal tanks have 4-5 watts per gallon - my tank has 8! They're chilling on the bottom right now, I'll see how the are tomorrow.

I can't wait till flyball friday... Mickey is going to run Merlin so he gets used to be handled by him, and I'm going to take some photos and videos. If I get some good ones I'll post them. I am a fairly decent photographer so I think we can assume I will get some nice shots. ;) Popper starts flyball the following friday. I feel bad for Roofus but he's a giant breed dog, in addition to being clumsy, and I just see flyball as being very bad for him! I definitely need to walk him a lot that day so he isn't so depressed when the other boys leave.

I bought two Honeywell air filters after my last bird filter bit the dust. It wasn't working well anyway - with all my critters, I could dust, and two days later, it would look like I hadn't dusted in a week. How obnoxious! God knows what was going on in our lungs. After I plugged them in it took about fifteen minutes and I felt WONDERFUL. If anyone is interested, they are the Silent Comfort, model 18155 I believe.

I've been working on the store a lot. Sometimes it feels like it's an uphill battle. :(

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