Wednesday, November 28

Crazy couple of days!

It's been a little nuts around here the past few days... one of my eyes had a corneal abrasion, which i think was from me scratching it all the time (I have really bad eye allergies), and then i had a funky lens which tore the crap outta my eye. So I had to be one-eyed for a couple of days, which set me back on the store and other tasks, because i'm pretty much blind without my contacts.

I had my Christmas present delivered yesterday, Mickey bought me a Story and Clark piano. I thought I had gotten really terrible, but now that I can see again I am pretty good :) I LOVE my new piano.

And my Pandora, (whiteface lutino cockatiel) has yet ANOTHER feather cyst! It's getting obnoxious and expensive to have these things surgically removed every time. Sigh. But that's the price of having pets!

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